V0.1.2 known issues

So far the known issues are: 

  • Snow falling inside buildings.
  • Guard at Zeppelin doesn't show how much gold you have if you have under 2000g.
  • Fire in the cave doesn't move.

Things to fix/change

  • Change background image for main ruby map
  • Add hidden items in The Village of Patch.

as of 6/23/2015

Version 0.1.1


  1. Fixed black screen at end game.
  2. Fixed banner at entrance of village
  3. changed loot in the inn
  4. changed beowolf image


  1. new battle graphics that added health bars to enemies.

Working on:

  1. balance monsters
  2. snake image
  3. add more hidden items
  4. add locations to east side of mountains 
  5. add more secrets.

Bugs in version 0.002

Known bugs:

  1. Can't exit the second story of the Inn in the village.
    • FIX: don't stay at the inn or use the stairs.
  2. In the house with the old man, can't walk out to village
    • FIX - use space or enter to leave.